måndag 22 november 2010

Day 06 – Your day

My day, uptil now (5:30 PM)- all the times are approximate:
9:00- Woke up by the alarm. Realised that it was almost dark outside still.

9:30- Sat by the computer. Checked out mail, Facebook, twitter and the blog. Found an award from Sublim among the comments which made me happy. Good start of the day.

10:05 Walked to Ylva with the hopes to get a warm cup of coffee since it was snowing outside- a whole lot!

13:15 Got back home again. Felt a need to read some of the litterature from the unicourse.

14:30 Read about Pippi Longstockings and thought about Annika's role as a girl in the books.

15:45 Started to go through my wishlist with nailpolishes and link to different NOTDs.

16:30 Mind numb after all the NOTD search. Went back to reading.

17:00 Realised I'm to tired to read.

17:00 Hungry.... can't focus on either writing or reading anymore....

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