fredag 24 december 2010

A new start

First if all let me appologize if this entry looks odd in any way. I'm trying out a blog app on my iphone and off course there's a bit of trial and error.

I've been thinking a lot about my blog recently. Probably mainly because I haven't had the inspiration to write. As you might have guessed I love to write. Once I get started I find it difficult to stop. My entries often get too lobg for something that' just a beauty-blog. Not that it's patronising in any way. But blogs should often be short and quickly get to the point. I'm not like that. I love to get deep into a subject and really do something with it. Writing shirt entries on a daily basis just doesn't suit me because they always end up being a bit impolsive and unstructured and I never feel pleased with what I've writtem. Because writing this blog is supposed to be some sort out creative outlet. Recently it hasn't been. What I'm thinking of now is have longer and maybe more insightful entries. It won't be on a daily basis because I just simply don't have enough time for that. It will be an NOTD now and the just because I love nailpolishes. The blog will still be on nailpolishes and maybe a pinch of beauty as well but it'll be more structured entries that takes some work. Not just something I scrabbled together in 30 minutes.

So what do you say- will you still join me in this new direction I'm taking?

In Swedish: Min bloggform har varit helt ur led sista tiden och kreativiteten har varit bortblåst. Faktum är att jag en längre tid har känt mig missnöjd med bloggen. De korta inläggen som skrivs passar mig inte eftersom jag tycker om att skriva, och skriva mycket. Så istället för korta och rätt poänglösa inlägg så ska jag nu skriva lite längre och något mer insiktsfulla inlägg. NOTDs kommer givetvis att fortsätta poppa in. Jag hoppas ni följer med mig.

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