lördag 13 november 2010

Day 02 – Your first love

Now this is a difficult subject. Who was my first love? Hmmm..... but it must have been when I was around 7 I think. I've always liked hanging around blokes just as much as girls. Maybe it's beacuse I have an older brother and I'm used to have guys around. But the one that can be considered to be my first love was a bloke that was in the other first grade (or was it when we where in the second grade?). We were both at the same recreation centre after school and I think that's where we found each other. I won't mention his name though beacuse that's not fair.
Unfortunatly we were never boyfriend and girlfriend, but we were good friends. It was one of those sweet and innocent friendships where I felt my heart beat extra whenever we were together. I wasn't jelous when he had girlfriends though beacuse it never affected our friendship. Our friendship lasted until I moved with my family when I was 11. The funny thing is, when I think back, is that his and my friendship was located to that recreation centre. We didn't hang out at home or anything like that. After him I must have had about a billion different loves but it wasn't until I was 17 I got my first actual boyfriend.

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