lördag 13 november 2010

NOTD: Rescue Beauty Lounge "Scrangie"

Now we finally come to a NOTD! Off course its from the archive beacuse the light has been horrible recently, a bad thing about winter. This time we have RBL's beautiful polish "Scrangie". This polish was especially made with one of my favourite nailpolish blogger- Scrangie. Now let's see the pictures:

The colour is a bright purple with green shimmer and microglitter. It's very unique although Zoya's Adina has almost the same concept- purple with a green duochrome. But they aren't dupes, even though I don't have Adina, I can tell by the pictures I've seen. The formula is excellent, like with all other RBL polishes. If you fancy it I can tell you that Nailmail has RBL as this months polish and Scrangie is included in one of the "Edgy" choice. It's truly recommended.

What sort of book can we mention after a beauty like Scrangie? Well, my thoughts are this; since Scrangie is inspired by beetlewings my thoughts straightly went to a longer novell I recently read. I think most people are somewhat familiar with The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Although that it's a misconception that the main character, Gregor Samsa, was transformed into a beetle. The "thing" he was transformed into is an unknown insect. Kafka didn't want the species of the insect to be specified which is actually a big charm with this long novell. The thing about Kafka is the uncertainty about what is going on. It's the surreal feeling. When Gregor Samsa wakes up and finds that his body now is an insect with multipel legs, his thoughts is not about what has happend but how he will get to work in the state he is. Somehow that highlights the nightmarish effect and it's all typical of Kafka. I recommend it.

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  1. Sv: Jo jag passade på då, kändes lämpligt eftersom de är så dyra i vanliga fall :D Köpte faktiskt Scrangie också men har inte provat den än, men den ser ju så snygg ut!! Passade du också på på rean?

  2. Jag är såå glad att jag beställt det här genom Nailmail. Så vackert!

  3. Annie- Jag köpte Scrangie tidigare. Tyvärr hann jag inte med rean men jag har bokat tre lack via nailmail istället :-)

    Kerstin Tack :-)

    Nailtastic- Det är definitivt en juvel i samlingen. Det går liksom inte att missa ett sådant lack! :-)

  4. This color is so pretty... And the same about your nails :)


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