tisdag 16 november 2010

Day 03 – Your parents

Instead of writing a long entry about my parents, I will share a little scene that happend just the other day. It was on Sunday (Father's day in Sweden to be exact).
Me, my mum and dad where out on a sunday quizz walk in the freezing rain.
Mum: "Now that looks really good!" Points to the overgrown sidewalk.
Dad: With hesitation: "Oh? For real?"
Mum: Sighs loudly. "Come on. Do you really think so?"
Dad: Messes with the umbrella. "But you said so?"
Mum: "It was a JOKE!"
Me: Laughing myself silly.

The small illustration is quite pointless to any other person. But in my family, irony a joking has always been an everyday thing although, as you can see, irony doesn't always work.

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