torsdag 2 december 2010

Beautiful blogger Award

Oh thank you, thank you. I can't believe this. Oh my God, it's unbelievable! I would like to thank my mum and dad off course for giving me such a good childhoo...... wait a minute. That was the speech I had prepared for the Oscars. Let me look into my papers again. Oh, there we are!

Off course it's always a great honour to recieve an award. It's a confirmation that you have been seen, or in this case read. Beacuse that's why we blog, right? If no one would ever read or the there wouldn't even be a chance that anyone read the things that we write about, we wouldn't do it. We would keep our texts in a word document, forever hidden for anyone but ourselves.

I got this award a couple of weeks back from sweet Malin (with the most gorgeous lips you'll ever see) and I've been thinking about what to write and which other 7 girls/boys I should send the award too. But it seems like all the bloggers I know (on my lists) have recieved this award at one point. So I can't pass it on even though I want to give each and every one of them an award beacuse their entries keeps me checking in on their blogs everyday.

Oh, the second bit of the award was actually a sort of challenge so let's get to that! I'm supposed to write 7 interesting things about myself. So here we go:

  • I have difficulties getting angry which sometimes can annoy the heck out of me.
  • I have a hard time concentrating when I find something uninteresting. I mean really hard- my minds wanders off and I suddenly realises that the lecturer have been talking for 15 minutes and I haven't heard a word.
  • I saw Metallica in concert at Stockholm's stadium when I was 13. The biggest concert I've ever been too. The whole show was also 3 hours late.
  • I love animals and I'm actually really good with them too. At least cats and dogs.
  • I put way to high demands on myself. If I don't get every question right on an exam I think I've done a bad job even though that a part of me tells me that I've done ok.
  • I've been suffering from social phobia but struggled my way out of it the last 5-7 years. That's my biggest accomplishment so far.
  • I'm a sucker for candy and I eat far too much of it!

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  1. hejsan, tänkte meddela att jag skjutit upp sista tävlingsdatum till min tävling, eftersom jag inte utser nån vinnare om jag inte får ihop minst 20 deltagare. Så om du verkligen vill vinna blir vinstchansen automatiskt större ifall du tipsar folk om min tävling :)


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