torsdag 2 december 2010

Day 08 – A moment

I wonder how many "moments" I've had in my life. I've lived 30 years on this earth so there must be a whole lot. Beacuse moments can really be anything. I wonder how many moments I've forgotten!

I could write about the moment I had about 15 minutes ago. I was going to buy some milk and I was feeling grumpy since my day hasn't been the best. I didn't get any sleep beacuse of bad stomach cramps which, well, let's not talk about what it resulted in. The thing is that I wasn't up to going out in the cold and walk to the store beacuse that would mean tensing up the whole body beacuse I didn't want to slip on any icy patches and you know how nice it is to strain your ab muscles (the tiny ones you've got) when you have a sore tummy. Anyway, I was walking along the side walk and I saw a young girl with two dogs. She was a few steps ahead of me but when her dogs saw me they got curious, especially the great dane puppy. He couldn't walk forward after that and jumped backwards just to see where I was. I caught up with them quickly so I let them sniff my hands since I could see they were too curious. The little moment cheered me up. Animals really have that good impact on me.

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