lördag 1 januari 2011

New years mani- a quick tutorial

First of all I would like to appologise for the bad quaity of the pictures. I took them with my iphone because I thought it would be a lot more handy when I was polishing the nails at the same time. Unfortunatly it made the photos quite blurry. But this is a learning process and I promise that any future tutorials will include better photos. Ok, so let's go shall we.

I'm not really good at explaining things. When I do I often end up confusing people, so I'll try to make this as simple as possible. It all started yesterday when I posted a photo of my NY mani on Twitter and Carina wanted to know how I made the manicure. So, I thought I might as well explain it properly.

Start off with clean nails with the basecoat of your choice. I use Scratch Nails Multi Base & Top coat, to protect the nails from discolouration, and CND Stickey which creates a sticky surface on the nails.

To get a glistening effect on the entire nail I've used Claudia Nail Polish Glistening Snow (no. 168) which is a shimmer white with tiny multi coloured particles of glitter. Its not obvious on the nail but it gives a nice effect I think.

The second step is to paint half of your nail vertically with Claudia Nail Polish Sparkling Silver (no. 158). This will only give you a thin layer with glitter on half of your nail. This is good because you want that "fading" effect.

Next you'll paint your tips with Claudia Nail Polish Sparkling Silver (no. 158). Don't worry about being sloppy because glitter nailpolishes are very forgiving that way. You don't have to have a steady hand for this. You can paint another coat on your tips if you want a real glitterbomb on your nails. Just remeber that a lot of coats slows down the drying process and its easier to ruin your whole manicure.

Now you can put on your protective top coat. You can either use your own favourite brand or use CND Speedy and CND Super shiney which are my favourite top coats. You don't have to use the glitter polishes I've suggested. The combinations are endless. Just remember that you get the best result with glitters in a clear base. If the base is coloured then you really have to have a steady hand because every stroke will be more intense.

That's it! I think its an easy manicure to make and I hope that you'll be happy with this tutorial. Let me know if you tried it!

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  1. Som jag skrev på twitter, en riktigt fin manikyr!

    Tack för att du visade upp hur du gjorde :)

  2. Jättefint! Gott nytt år!

  3. Carina- Tack! Det var bra att du frågade eftersom det gav mig inspiration :-)

    Kerstin- Tack och god fortsättning!

    Nailtastic- Tack så jättemycket :-)


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