onsdag 12 januari 2011

Personality test

Well, like other bloggers today, I've taken this little test to see what kind of person I am. Which might be good for the days I get confused. These are my results (all translated from Swedish):

Your personality:
Powerful, original and sensitive. Ends what theyve started. Extremly good knowledge about human nature. Sensitive towards other people's feelings. Strive to live up to their own values, which often are extensive and well thought out. Respected for their strong will to do the right thing. More likely individualists than natural born leaders or followers.

Careers that would suit you:
Personnel resouce manager (personalvetare?), assistant to a lawyer, teacher, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, psychologist, writer, mucisian, artist, photographer, preschool- and daycare personnel, guidance councellar, librarian, marketing manager, scientist, socialworker.

Ok, so the personality bit was pretty good. Not sure about the "powerful" but I can agree on "original" and "sensitive". I always focus to live up to my values and do the right thing and I'm definatly more an individualist than a leader or a follower.  The careers where all over the place. The ones that suits me where writer or scientist. I might be a good photographer or musician if I had the talent because working freelance would definatly suit me. The others, especially teacher, daycare worker and dentist is so wrong. I would be horrible at all of those things.

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