torsdag 18 november 2010

NOTD: MAC "Seriously Hip"

Now this is truly an archive NOTD. I think I've had this over a year. Look how long my nails were! Anyway, this is the polish from the MAC Collection "Style black" that came out in.... was it in early 2010 or late 2009? This was a limited edition but you might find it on ebay or from private seller. But let's move on to the pictures:

The colour is a golden, mossy green with golden flakes and a pearl shine. The flakes are rather small and irregular, not the bigger flakes like you get in Nfu-Oh's lovely flake polishes. I think it was the regular 3 coats on this picture. I'm not sure what base- and top coat I was using though.
Normally this kind of green isn't my colour and to be totally honest, I've only used this once. I think the colour is beautiful, it's really fall like and the flakes makes it almost glow from within, but green just isn't my thing. I can't get it to suit me somehow. Although I don't think the  colour is my biggest issue with this polish. The flakes makes it almost impossible to remove. It doesn't matter how long you rub your nails with remover, you still get dark flakes on your nails. The formula is ok for a MAC polish- it's sticky but not too thick or gloopy. I can't remember how long I wore it before it chipped though. When it comes to MAC polishes they normal only stay on for a day or two which is an outrage considering how much they cost. But then again I'm the stupid one since I've bought them.

And now for the book tip! I wasn't sure what kind of book you should read to a greenish, fall like polish. Well, I found one- The serpent and the rainbow (1985) by Wade Davis. It's allegedly a non-fictional book but I would say I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to the degree of truth but it's still a good book. It's written by a Wade Davis, an etno-botanist who travels to Haiti to do some research about zombie poison. If you're interested in culture of Haiti and the mythos of zombies, I really recommend this beacuse it's truly interesting. It's also about the political climate in Haiti which was been troublesome to say the least. So it's not the typical Hollywood-zombie-story with moaning, slow walking humanlike creatures roaming the streets. It was filmed in 1988, starring Bill Pullman. But the movie is only loosely based on the book.

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  1. Fantastiskt snyggt lack! Påminner kanske lite om Wagon trail?

  2. Kerstin- Thank you :-)

    Nailtastic- Jag har inte Wagon trail men jag tror (efter lite kikande på bilder) att det är samma mörk oliv/moss gröna färg. Skillnaden är väl att SH har flakes.


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