fredag 19 november 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Vintage Polish

Todays NOTD is mint green. Yes, I know- MINT GREEN! It's Eyeko's Vintage Polish, a mint or light jade green creme polish. I got it for free with a order I placed at Eyeko a few months ago. Eyeko is a budget brand, you can get it at the swedish webstore Eleven but then you'll have to pay about double the price for it. Another good thing about Eyeko is that you don't have to pay any postage cost within Europe. Oh and if you place an order there, use my special ambassador code E11884 at the checkout for a free gift! Let's move over to the pictures shall we:

I'm not sure how this works with my skintone to be honest- I think it brings out the redness. However it's a good polish. Especially for a budget polish like this is. It's cost 4 euros which is about 38 SEK. the brush is good but it can drip so be careful. It dries quickly and spreads evenly on the nail. It looks a bit uneven on the photos though but that's just a trick of the camera, it's really even in real life. I had on three coats in the photo. Overall I recommend Eyeko's polishes. I have a few of them and they all are great- I'm definatly buying more. I think my favourite is the taupe coloured "Posh". I give them an extra plus for the cute and original bottles.

So, what book can you recommend to a mint green nail polish? The colour is light and "easy", it's more spring than fall to be honest. If I had a "chic-lit" book in one of my bookshelves I would definatly choose that but since a girly book doesn't get over the threshold at home I'd had to choose something else. However, I found something that I thought would be suiting. It's Arthus Golden's Memoirs of a Geisha. It's the story of Sayuri and I suppose that it's a Cinderella story in a twisted way. Sayuri and her sister were sold as young girls to different okiya (a geisha house) as maids. Life there is hard for Sayuri, she is practically a slave. In time she does get proper geisha training and the reader takes part in the whole rituals of geishas which is fascinating. To call geishas prostitutes is a big misconseption. Yes, they do offer their companionships and sometimes that includes sex but there's still a big difference. I won't start a debate about the whole thing, I would just love to recommend this book.

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  1. Ovanligt snygg minitig färg!

  2. Kerstin- Tack! Ja, jag gillade den faktiskt ovanligt mycket. Mint är annars inte min färg.


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